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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Voice Search For Your SEO Strategy in 2023

In a world where technology is constantly evolving and changing, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. As voice search is becoming more and more popular, it’s essential for businesses to incorporate this into their SEO strategies. Voice search isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay, and neglecting it could put you at a serious disadvantage. An SEO expert lists the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore voice search for your SEO strategy in 2023.

Change in Search Behavior

Voice search has become an increasingly popular way for people to search for information online. While this is due to a variety of factors, the primary reason is because of the convenience that voice search provides. People are no longer stuck typing out their queries into a search engine. Instead, they can simply ask a question, and get their answer right away.

It’s also much faster than typing out a query. Voice search eliminates the need to type out words that may be challenging to spell or remember. Instead, users can simply say what they’re looking for.

The Rise of Smart Speakers

Smart speakers, like Google Home and Amazon Echo, have revolutionized how people interact with their technology. In fact, smart speaker usage is only expected to increase year over year.

People tend to ask longer, more conversational questions when they are using a smart speaker. This means that businesses must optimize their SEO strategies to target this type of query. To do so, it’s important to focus on long-tail keywords, natural language, and answer-oriented content. This way, businesses can ensure that their websites appear at the top of the list.

Beneficial For Local Businesses

Voice search is particularly beneficial for local businesses as it can give them more visibility in the search results. When a person uses voice search, they are often very specific in their query and use local phrases or names.

For example, someone may say “Where is the nearest Italian restaurant” instead of simply searching “Italian restaurant”. Optimizing your website for these local keywords will make sure that your business comes up when people search for related terms.

Get Discovered Via Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are search results that appear at the top of the page when a query is made. They typically consist of a brief paragraph and a link back to the source. When it comes to voice search, featured snippets are important because they are likely to be read aloud by smart assistants on your device. This can be a great way to get your content or website discovered. Voice search is quickly becoming an integral part of any SEO strategy, so it’s about time that you use it to your advantage. Talk to the experts of an SEO company if you need any help in this regard.

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